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Empathetic Feedback

A few weeks ago, I was asked by my project team to give a talk on feedback.

After thinking about a few models and methods, I settled on the ASK technique through the lens of empathy. I wanted to focus on what feedback is and what it isn’t and less on “this is what you say when….”

Overall the talk went well and I was surprised with the number and quality of questions. There were so many more questions about receiving feedback than giving and what happens when you don’t agree with the feedback. I think there is more to dig into, but not a bad way to start the conversation

Empathetic Feedback

A hello world…of sorts

I spend a good deal of my day talking, thinking and occasionally having debates about product management. Usually these conversation take place at work or when hanging out with other PMs (it happens, really!).

However, I’d like to have a singular place to collect my thoughts on what I’m reading, thinking about and just want to get off my chest. Let’s do this!

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