Caren Young

Hi! I’m Caren Young and I’m a product manager specializing in web and mobile development.

Being a product manager is a combination of being a cheerleader, matador and nosy neighbor down the street. It’s up to me to facilitate research, write compelling user-centered stories, collaborate with designers/engineers/QA/data science, manage stakeholders – and I love every minute of it.

My background in Anthropology and Sociology has allowed me the ability to be passionately empathetic, yet focused in what should be built next and why. I strongly believe product managers should be flexible in the “how” of what gets built, but should be very clear with the “why” and the “who”.

Some of my clients include:

  • HCSC
  • Quicken Loans
  • Ford
  • Allstate
  • Microsoft
  • Glade

Outside of the office, I’m a giant fan of cooking/travel shows, DIY crafts and sewing.